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New Website.
Better Design.

Thank you for considering
The Social Touch
for your web design project.

Hello Wisconsin Chinese Chamber of Commerce,

We look forward to working with you!

During our meeting with Chris Gan, we identified a number of improvements we could make to your current website in order to represent your brand more effectively.

At the moment, you are dissatisfied because of the following:

  • A cluttered and unprofessional design
  • Directory Landing Pages are inconsistent
  • Email Campaigns are not yet connected

With our years of expertise in web design and development, we are going to overhaul your website and relaunch it in accordance with the details laid out in this proposal.

That means:

  • Exploring and defining the true value of the Wisconsin Chinese Chamber of Commerce and what you bring to the market.
  • Creating consistent messaging that speaks to your audience and using it throughout the entire brand.
  • Implementing a modern website design that displays professionalism.

Keep reading for more details and if you like what we are offering, just click the acceptance button in the ‘Approve Proposal’ section to get the ball rolling; no paper, no fuss!

Any questions, contact me on the details below

"According to our research, 46.1% of people say a website’s design is the top criteria for deciding if a company is credible or not."

- Stanford University -
Topics of Discussion

What We Will Cover

Your New Website

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Our Process

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Let's Start With Your Website

WISCCC Current Homepage

WISCCC Mock Design #1 (Without Customization)

WISCCC Mock Design #1 - Directory Profile Listing (Without Customization)

All of our websites are made to look perfect no matter how you access them. Computer, Tablet, or Phone - it always looks great!

Our Process

What To Expect Working With US
Our Process

4 Simple Steps

1 - Qualify

We need to determine who you are, what your brand voice is and what your market space is looking for. Think of this as a "two-way" research drive, to determine not only how best to represent your value, but to explore the values your core audience is looking for and help you resonate with them.

2 - Design

Naturally, there will be a common theme, but we strive to think outside of the box and come up with different solutions for you to review and discuss with us. This brainstorming part is often where the best ideas come from! Once a clear option has been chosen, we will move forward with any adjustments you have noted.

3 - Build

Using everything we have gathered, we will start building your website. Once it is done, we will present it to you and go through the details and finishing touches following the objectives we have originally set.

Any amends are made at this stage.

Step 4 - Launch

The launch process has to be carefully considered. We need to ensure email addresses will not go down, the site doesn't have any downtime, and any old links are re-directed to the new pages, as well as several other things.

The following process has been done by our company many times before, and we have developed a detailed checklist we are working with, that has not failed us once.

We make sure to launch the website late on Fridays, as that gives us a chance to iron out any possible issues. You can sleep well knowing we will be on-call over your launch weekend to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Case Study

We increased Move and Go's Revenue by 110%...
in just 12 months!

Success Speaks for Itself

Move and Go contacted us when they needed to re-brand and build a new website. They started in 2017 and were operating on a website they built themselves that they feel needed a major overhaul. Their main complaint was that their presence online didn’t match their professionalism of service in person.

The Social Touch suggested to re-brand the company. Same name, same logo and color scheme, but a new website with an emphasis on bringing in new leads.


12 months after launching the new website, Move and Go went from 167 leads per month to 297 leads per month. This helped them more than double their monthly revenue.

Move and Go generated $384,528 before we implemented their new website… and after launching their COMPLETELY NEW design, they generated $809,683 in revenue the following year due to increased lead requests.

"The new website has surpassed all my expectations and paid for itself fully within the first few weeks. This is incredibly exciting!"

- Mr. Walker, Move and Go, Owner -

What Our Clients Say

NPO Elite Hoops
Non-Profit Organization

“The Social Touch designed our website to perfection. We needed a place to collect donations, showcase our team brand, and lead generation so we can recruit players online. They went above and beyond and completely changed the way we thought about branding. ”

The Home Team
REI Company

“Real estate investing has had recent surge and has become extremely competitive again. With the help of you guys [The Social Touch], y’all streamlined our systems and we feel we have the best website and marketing strategy in place amongst our competitors. Thank you so much!”

Your Investment

Solve ALL of Your Headaches


We DO NOT take on every client. We’ve become very good at assessing whether we can help companies and we are very excited about helping you.

The Price

Below you can find the cost of our services.

This is paid upon signing your proposal and allows us to get right on developing your website and getting your business the boost you are looking for.

Your Investment
Website Design (Custom) $1,594
Website Copy (Text) $298
Transfer Current Directory (56 Profiles) $1,400
Set Up Email Marketing System $597
NC Service Tax (Removed) $281.95
Total $3,889

If you would like to have a brand new website, follow the simple steps below.

We would be delighted to have you.

Next Steps

This is paid upon signing your proposal and allows us to get right on developing your website and getting your business the boost you are looking for.

If everything looks good to you, please continue to the invoice by CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW.

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