Marketing & Advertising

So what does the "Marketing Department" do?

A solid marketing strategy, either for a product that’s already loose in the wild or in development, can make or break it.

Our team knows those pitfalls and comes with a diverse set of skills to provide a strategy that relies on multiple tactics that create awareness and interest, allow for easy access, promote sales and build consumer loyalty.

Google Ads & SEO Ranking

This package is perfect for any company looking to grow its online website, blog, or e-commerce business. With Search Engine Optimization, we ensure that your website will be one of the top search results when customers search your business niche in Google.


Social Media Advertising

We will strategically target individuals in your niche that will propel your company brand to new levels. Paid advertisements allow you to pinpoint your potential customer base and your ads will follow them each time they open their social media app on their phone.


Sales Funnel & Email List

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “the fortune is in the follow-up,” or “the money is in the list.” Well, there’s a reason you’ve heard it. It’s the truth! There is a process that is called,” The Buyer Process.” That process leads to a high customer retention rate as well as authentic engagement. We will set up capture pages, follow-up emails, and determine the best process for your customers to experience in order for you to gain their confidence. This package goes great with our “Website Blog” package!


Influencer Marketing

Imagine having your own celebrity endorser for your company brand. With the power of social media, it is very possible! We will put your company in contact with one of our network of individuals who have a huge following base on social media to promote your brand. “Word of Mouth” at it’s finest!


Brand Story Commercial

The most important thing a company can do is create and tell its story to its followers. Your story will allow your customers to get to know you and your business better. We will create a professional video that will be featured on your social media platforms along with your website. The video will tell people what your business is about, how it was built, and give them a call to action.


Website Blog

Are you truly a professional in your industry? Well, why not show everybody that you are an expert? Blogging is one of the most effective strategies to show consumers that you know exactly what you’re doing giving them more trust in your brand.

1 Monthly Blog Post: $297.00
2 Monthly Blog Post (Bi-Weekly): $547.00
4 Monthly Blog Post (Weekly): $997.00

The Social Touch

Why Our Customers Simply Love Us.

“The Social Touch designed our website to perfection. We needed a place to collect donations, showcase our team brand, capture pages, and lead generation so we can recruit players online. They went above and beyond and completely changed the way we thought about branding. ”

NPO Elite Hoops

Non-Profit Organization

“Real estate investing has had recent surge and has become extremely competitive again. With the help of you guys [The Social Touch], y’all streamlined our systems and we feel we have the best website and marketing strategy in place amongst our competitors. Thank you so much!”

The Home Team

REI Company

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